About Us



The mission of Serenity Place is to provide opportunities for the chemically dependent person to become free of those chemicals, to maintain that freedom and to return to the community as a contributing member.

Core Values:
Integrity: Honesty and authenticity form the foundation of all that we do.
Respect: We respect all those with whom we work including our clients and their families, our staff, board members, volunteers, donors, supporters and partners.
Compassion: We deliver high quality, compassionate care to clients and their families.
Inclusive: We work to ensure that any person desiring treatment, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, creed and/or ability to pay will have access to treatment within a reasonable amount of time.
Collaboration: We recognize that resources exist to help us achieve our mission throughout the community and work with others in a spirit of cooperation and partnership.

Serenity Place was founded in 1977 as a Sobriety Maintenance program in a rented apartment in the Opera Block of Hanover Street. Since then we have moved into our own building on Manchester Street with an additional men’s Transitional Living facility on Brook Street. Over the years we have offered services to countless clients and their families.  Serenity Place has evolved in to a behavioral health agency offering inpatient and outpatient treatment options for individuals and families.