Resources for Evaluating Alcohol Problems (R.E.A.P.)Hands on the wheel is a state approved Impaired Driver Care Management Program IDCMP.  R.E.A.P. provides services to individuals convicted of driving while impaired – DWI – offences through an Impaired Driver Care Management Program, Impaired Driver Education Program, and as an Impaired Driver Services Provider.

Impaired Driver Education Program Schedule

Derry Classes are held at 44 Birch Street, Building A, Room 203 at the Nutfield Professional Building in Derry, NH 03038.

Manchester classes are held at 351 Chestnut Street, Manchester NH 03101 (The former Manchester Police Department)

Please call 603-625-6980 for a current class schedule. 



Payment Information:

A client shall be eligible for a reduced fee if they provide documentation that indicates that they are currently receiving one of the following state or federal assistance benefits: TANF (temporary assistance to needy families), SSD (social security disability), SSI (supplemental security income), APTD (aid to the permanently and totally disabled) or old age assistance. If you receive any of the assistance previously mentioned you will need to bring a statement from the Department of Health and Human Services or the agency providing assistance showing that you are currently receiving financial assistance, and you may qualify for a rate reduction.

Payment Due

Fees due at Intake Appointment:
– $70 State intake fee. Bank/cashier’s check or money order made out to the State of New Hampshire (no cash, personal checks, or credit cards accepted for State of New Hampshire fees).
– $75 intake fee. Cash, Visa/MasterCard, bank check, or money order made out to Serenity Place.

 Fees due when enrolling in the Educational portion of the program
– $300 Education fee.  Cash, money order, bank check or Visa/MasterCard for Serenity Place for education.
– If you qualify for the reduced rate, the Education fee is $150.

Additional Fees That May Be Required:
– $200 Substance Use Disorder evaluation fee. Cash, bank check, money order or Visa/MasterCard.
          – It is determined whether or not this is necessary at the intake appointment.
– $60 Check-in fee. Cash, bank check, money order or Visa/MasterCard.
– It is determined whether or not this is necessary at the intake appointment.

$50 Administrative Fee: Only applies for less than a 24 hour notice of appointment change or cancellation, missing full or partial payment, late appointment arrival, or rescheduling due to missing key documents.

**If paying by cash, please bring exact dollar amount
**If paying by credit card, the card holder must be present to sign receipt
**No personal checks accepted for any payment


Monday through Friday – 8am, 9:15am, 12:45pm & 1:15pm

Monday- 8am 11am & 2pm
Tuesday- 9am & 1pm
Wednesday- 8am, 11am & 2pm
Thursday 9am & 2pm
Friday 1pm


Click here for directions to our Manchester street facility.